Dave Fullerton



Dave has been practicing mortgage lending since 1989. He has acquired in-depth experiences in residential mortgage lending, private lending, insurance, and financial planning.

Dave began his career in finance with one of Canada’s largest financial institutions via a fast-track management development option. His experiences in financial planning and residential mortgage lending were most recently followed by a departure to the Dominion Lending Centres brand in 2012.

Dave holds several professional accreditations including a Diploma in Financial Management and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Business. His personal interests include fly fishing, aviation, and watching the Boston Red Sox win against the New York Yankees.
I love solving financial problems and even more, I find the greatest satisfaction in providing my clients with mortgage advice that is easy to understand.

How I do it?

Each of my clients has a unique story. My goal is to listen first, then identify strategies that will assist my clients in reaching their goals.

I apply a centralized underwriting process and recommend only the highest quality lenders, which saves my clients time and stress. Using a comprehensive strategic approach includes, wherever possible, the advice and knowledge of one or more of my professional partners.

From real estate to investment advice, estate planning to insurance, I have you covered!

  • Purchasing your first home.
  • Seniors' financing
  • Purchasing an investment property
  • Debt consolidation
  • Commercial lending

Why I do it?

Mortgage lending is complex and often stressful for clients. For these reasons, I believe that my clients expect unbiased financial advice centred around strategies that increase cash flow and peace of mind.

How we got started

The concept of a professional mortgage company in Canada was not ours; that credit belongs to the founders of Dominion Lending Centres - Canada's national mortgage company. However, the concept for The Professionals launched a short time ago when we recognized an opportunity to partner with like-minded professionals who have a desire to provide advice and solutions...from real estate to investment planning, insurance to estate planning.

We are available to meet with you in person or by various technology platforms.

We live and work in cities throughout the Vancouver region and the Fraser Valley. Our office locations are conveniently located for an interview or we can use various technology platforms to connect with you.

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